Group 8 Discussion Notes

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Group members: [David McConnell, Sean Tvelia, Dave Gossalin, Hannah Scherer, Elizabeth Nagy, Wendi Williams, Myron Williams]

Prompt: How can we design the future of Earth Education for Sustainanblility

  • We should collaborate with professionals working in sustainable food systems.
  • We need a significant component being oriented towards k-12. If we have enough opportunities to educate people about what geoscience is all about --by doing this we create a sustained presence throughout education.
  • We need to better recruit teachers with appropriate experiences and or provided appropriate resources to those who need it.
  • Students (and teachers) need to be provided context through interdisciplinary approaches rather having discreet isolated coursework in the sciences.
  • We need to understand that sustainability means different things to different communities and acknowledging equity and environmental justice.
    • We need to collaborate with sociologist and those who better understand community structures and cultures.
  • We need to change the perspective so that geoscientist are a primary resource not an afterthought when things go wrong.
  • We need to better develop our courses to reflect how the geoscience fit within other disciplines.