Monday Earth Education Forum

Monday 4:30pm-6:00pm TSU - Barn Auditorium

Supporting students along complex pathways in geoscience

The pathways that students follow through their education and careers are diverse, and we all see students at different points along those pathways. We all bring different perspectives and support strategies to the table based on our educational setting, geographic setting, personal experiences, and cultural framework. The goal of this forum is to open conversations that help you build connections across those different settings and hear more about how we all work to (1) support all students along their pathways and (2) raise awareness of geoscience to widen the paths.

Introductory slides (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 6.8MB Jul15 19)

Report out

  • Exposure to high-quality opportunities to learn in a positive way: role that public education plays
  • Low-exposure tracks with ladders that take them to high-exposure tracks
  • Each path has to have some formal supports built in: mentors, financial resources
  • A lot of movement: non-traditional and traditional paths
  • People are a really important part of the support system (mentors, family)
  • Jurassic Park and Twister effects
  • First interactions that students have are really important - how do we minimize the size of arrows out by emphasizing diversity and inclusion
  • Outreach from university and community colleges to high schools and middle schools - involve students in doing the outreach
  • Network of mentors needed for students: not just academic, but social, spiritual, etc., that are all networked
  • Parents at the earliest end, advisors at the college end, role of media in growing interest
  • Money is part of the pathway - sometimes finances make the decision for you
  • Interactions with students can either encourage or discourage them
  • Poor mentorship can be a hurdle, good mentorship is important
  • Goal is not to make students all like us, but instilling lifelong learning is important
  • Non-linear pathways, tumultuous - is that now the new normal?
  • Missing support can lower motivation
  • Early experiences - intro college courses are another level of early exposure.

4:30 Introduction and welcome Reginald Archer and the TSU president

4:45 Introduction to the forum topic and norms Anne Egger

5:00 "Reverse gallery walk" activity

5:45 Report out and call to action for the week