Group 10 Discussion Notes

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Group members: Janie Johnston, Barbara Sobhani, Peggy McNeal, Andrea Bair, Carrie Wright, Sean Bryan, Juk Bhattacharyya

Prompt: How can we design the future of Earth Education for sustainable societies?

Community and citizen science - how do we engage?

Service learning - getting our students involved in the community. Who can we partner with? Nature Centers?

Does your campus have a service learning office?

Communities have problems, have identified problems, and are looking for what they can do; they need resources. - India was discussed as an example. Can partner with people in other countries/communities.

Design courses that can be used in multiple geographic locations. World is a small place, need to have a more global perspective.

Being in the room and listening can make connections and start collaborations.

Discussed how there are some service learning components within the Integrate modules. Would be great to have more of that. Also have instructor stories to tell about how these experiences have gone or ideas about who to connect with. Could connect instructors with volunteer mentors who have done this before.