Group 2 Discussion Notes

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Group members: Jessica Smay, Karen Yip, Karen Kortz, Ellen Iverson, Fred Marton, Tadesse Alemu, Kristin O'Connell


How can we design the future of Earth Education for sustainable societies??

  • Relevant, local and earlier earth science education especially about local/regional issues (prior to college)
  • Life-long learning opportunities - multi-generational learning opportunities. (beyond college)
  • Lubricate the financial obstacles to increase diversity in our science (scholarship, field equipment, field camp, research funding etc)
  • Really encourage every earth science course to include sustainability. - Add relevance to all courses.
  • close-up gap between the K-12 system and the goals/activities of higher education.
  • Goals of reaching the communities, individuals, groups that haven't been part of the geoscience community in the past. DIVERSITY in the voices
  • Adding plaques and signs and informative posters wherever possible. Public education via informative signs in far more places. Geoscience you need when you need it: Informative signs for "why is there a retention basin here?" "where does your storm drain go?" "the garbage in this can goes to ____" "did you know this rain garden helps our watersheds?"