Initial Publication Date: April 13, 2015

Why Choose an Environmental Focus?

Go back to the beginning of this presentation, by Carolyn Eyles and Susan Vajoczki of McMaster University, about integrating interdisciplinary programs into an existing department.

Our Environment


  • Western end of Lake Ontario
  • Urban/industrial—contaminated ground & surface water


  • Low socio-economic status
  • Environmental issues
  • Health issues


  • Medical school
  • Institute of Environment and Health

Our Faculty

  • Existing research interests/strengths
  • Science (environmental geology, geophysics, climate)
  • Social science (environment & health, GIS)
  • New hires in environmental fields (14 since 1998)

Our Students

  • General interest
  • Employment opportunities
  • Local competition! Need to be distinct from other geoscience programs in region