Soil Science: Bridging Geology and Environmental Science in a Sustainable World

Thursday 1:30pm-4:00pm
Afternoon Mini Workshop


Michelle Cauley, Dakota State at Bottineau

The study of soils, soil health, and soil's impact on our climate is paramount in our ever-changing educational landscape. In this workshop, participants will be exploring the connection that soils have in our geology and environmental science worlds through hands-on investigations. Participants will explore how world geology impacts soils and how soil health impacts climate, agriculture, and groundwater systems. In this workshop, participants will gain a deeper level of knowledge about geology through hands-on experiments and will leave with lessons and resources to adapt to their own learner's needs.

Workshop Goals

By the end of this workshop, participants will have:

  • Enhanced their understanding of fundamental soil science principles and concepts.
  • Explored innovative teaching methodologies and resources for soil science education.
  • Fostered collaboration and networking among geoscience educators interested in soil science.
  • Explored interdisciplinary approaches to soil science education, connecting with other fields such as ecology, agriculture, geology, and environmental science.


Program Overview

1:30 -- Welcome, Introductions, and Group Norms

1:45 -- Do YOU Know Your Soils?! - Introductory Game

2:00 --Soils, Geology, Environmental Science - It's All Connected (Presentation)

2:15 --Getting Dirty: Soil Learning Labs*

  • On the Soil Horizon
  • Textures, Colors, and Layers - Oh My!
  • Soil Order Pageant
  • Soils and Technology

3:15 -- Parking Lot Questions and Lab Observations

3:45 Wrap-up and workshop evaluation

4:00 Adjourn

*Soil Learning Labs have the option of being split up by grade level that the individual is instructing.  Various resources will be available for different academic levels of instruction. 


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