Making Sense of Your Course Evaluations

Thursday 1:30pm-4:00pm
Afternoon Mini Workshop


Cody Kirkpatrick, Indiana University-Bloomington

Student evaluations of teaching remain one of the most used – and misused – components of our teaching portfolios. These evaluations are often given substantial weight by administrators in promotion and merit reviews, even with their numerous known biases.  As long as student evaluations remain one of the factors that exert influence on our careers, how to use their data to our advantage in demonstrating teaching effectiveness remains needed.

The workshop is intended for any faculty member or graduate student who receives student evaluation feedback on their teaching.  Attendees are encouraged to bring a set of student evaluations from one of their recent courses to reflect on and work with – but no pressure, you will not be expected to share with other attendees if you do not wish to do so.


In this workshop, attendees will explore how to:

  • Interpret quantitative evaluation feedback
  • Extract useful insights from open-ended student comments
  • Describe effective ways to use student evaluation in your teaching portfolio
  • Begin developing your plan to use student evaluation feedback to improve their classroom 

Reminder to attendees: at no time will you be asked to share any of your own evaluation data with attendees, if you don't wish to do so (we will provide example data to work with if you prefer that).