Earth Observatory for Kids: Communicating Earth Science in a hands-on approach to Our Young Earthlings

Thursday 1:30pm-4:00pm TSU - Lawson: 111
Afternoon Mini Workshop


Tassia Owen, NASA Goddard

NASA's Earth Observatory, launched a free online publication aimed at communicating real Earth science data to diverse young adults. Publications showcase global issues, increasing young adult's awareness of our Earth and many of the natural (and unnatural) phenomena that are occurring on our planet. Each issue comes with a story focused on real satellite imagery and an activity that can be used in programs, along-side peers, and with parents. Stories are complemented with a different hands-on activity to further engage kids in science and satellite data. DIY Science experiments reinforce the science concepts from the main story and Maker Corner activities connect science with engineering. The Data Viz and Data Investigation themes focus on engaging kids with real satellite data to connect hands-on activities to answering science questions. Our goal is to put the publication in the hands of kids who are interested in current non-fiction about our planet and use hands-on activities to connect science with unifying global issues that affect all humans on Earth. We will showcase some of our favorite activities and discuss methods for using them with kids. Come explore our Earth with us. Earth Observatory for Kids

In this session, explore some of the hands-on activities and ask questions as we investigate our Earth from the unique perspective of satellites.


By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Explore opportunities to infuse real satellite data into their existing curriculum.
  • Work with hands-on activities that can be used to understand topics in Earth Science in a concrete manner.
  • Access and use Earth Observatory for Kids.
  • Provide feedback to Earth Observatory for Kids on topics that you would like to see covered.


1:30 Welcome and introductions (Icebreaker activity)

1:45 Presentation of EO Kids - What is it? How can you access it? When does it come out? etc.

2:00 Small-group discussions on participants goals and how they may use EO Kids

2:15 Stations for EO Kids activities (explore individual activities in stations and rotate through)

2:45 Break

2:55 Explore 1 or 2 issues and activities that you might incorporate into your teaching practice to present

3:15 Present your activities in the context of how you will use it

3:45 Wrap-up, discussion and evaluation (What topics would you like to see in the future?)

4:00 Adjourn


NASA Earth Observatory for Kids