Teaching & Perpetuating Earth Stewardship Education

Monday 1:30pm-4:00pm TSU - Lawson: 112
Afternoon Mini Workshop


John Warford, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Earth Stewardship - our deliberate and continuous effort to fulfill our sacred obligations and duties to the realm that makes Life itself possible - Mother Earth. The teaching of Earth Stewardship is needed now more than ever.The goal of this mini-workshop is to present and share additional and supportive methods and information to help us achieve our individual, collective, and institutional goals related to Sustainability, Conservation, and Earth Stewardship education and practice. Special focus will be on K-12 teachers and those who support them. Everyone is welcome. Best practices will be shared and embraced. Please bring your laptop or tablet.

Teaching & Perpetuating Earth Stewardship Education (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 550kB Jul15 19)


By the end of this workshop, participants will:

Goal 1 - Be equipped with new, established, and shared resources, perspectives, methods, and knowledge that supports the teaching and advancement of earth stewardship / conservation education.

Goal 2 - Have formulated actionable plans and reinforced strategies that enhance the teaching and perpetuation of earth stewardship education.


#1 - Identify and discuss activities, programs, curriculums, and networks that support earth stewardship education and its perpetuation.

#2 - Identify and discuss issues related to teaching, learning and supporting earth stewardship / conservation yet to be addressed....

#3 - Develop an action plan that employs some of the new and /or existing concepts, principles, or methods for a planned or existing course or activity or developed a rubric that successfully measures use of some of the concepts and principles presented in the workshop.


1:30 Welcome and introductions

1:45 Workshop Power Point Presentation / Discussion

2:15 Formation of Breakout Groups and Activity #1 Rejoin and Present Results

2:45 Break

2:55 Formation of Breakout Groups and Activity #2 or #3

3:25 Rejoin and Present Results Discussion

3:45 Wrap-up and Workshop evaluation

4:00 Adjourn

Resources (optional)

  • InTeGrate Teaching Materials: http://serc.carleton.edu/integrate/teaching_materials/connections.html

    Carleton College Literature and Resources: http://serc.carleton.edu/cismi/itl/literature/index.html

    SERC Resources:


    Templates and Examples:

    action plan template (Microsoft Word 27kB Jul15 19)

    Activity 1.5 minute paper prompt and rubric (Acrobat (PDF) 48kB Oct23 16)

    Unit 2: Concept Map Assessment Rubric (Acrobat (PDF) 216kB Apr27 17)