Building Pathways to Geoscience Graduate Programs

Tuesday 3:00pm-4:15pm Student Union: Mirage
Round Table Discussion


Reginald Archer, Tennessee State University

This round table discussion will focus on ways to inspire diverse talent to become the next generation of innovative leaders through advanced geoscience degrees. While lack of geoscience undergrads has been attributed to different factors, especially to precollege exposure, that same lack of exposure cuts across ethnic and socioeconomic divisions and therefore doesn't completely explain the discrepancy in whites versus minority students earning degrees.

Successful approaches to recruiting a more diverse geoscience undergraduate population focus on the geoscience pipeline. For example, summer research experiences and paired programs with historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have been effective.

We would like to build on the best practices and experiences from folks here in the room and continue to develop novel approaches for engaging students in career-relevant experiences in geoscience – as early as possible. Our table will explore the appropriate questions, data sources and experts to consult regarding: student knowledge of career options and learning about opportunities, the role of graduate programs and faculty in informing and guiding students along the path to geoscience occupations. The session will draw on expertise from HBCUs.

The goals of this round table are to:
  • Engage in creating a national conversation about why building career pathways for graduate students is important;
  • Explore models for strengthening geoscience bridge programs;
  • Discuss recruitment, retention and graduating students into geoscience careers;
  • Build a community of people preparing graduates for careers in many geoscience-related professions.

In addition, reports by the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) and Educational Testing Service (ETS), note that pathways for students through graduate school and into 21st century careers are not always evident. The issue of career transparency presented the biggest gap in data.

Questions to address (based on questions from the above report):

1) What are some ways to effectively equip graduate schools to work with employers to ensure optimal pathways through graduate school and into careers?

2) How can we increase the knowledge that students (and faculty) have about career pathways and the programs that lead to careers in the 21st century global economy and incorporate that into our recruitment and retention activities?

3) How do we best support the preparation of a highly skilled workforce to pursue careers in these fields?

This session is sponsored by the HBCU working group.

Building Pathways to Geoscience Graduate Programs -- Discussion  

-Mentoring students to select people instead of institutions for graduate school
-Connect students early to the idea of what career paths may be options other than academia


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This post was edited by Sue Ebanks on Jul, 2017
David Padgett
John McDaris
John Warford
Christopher Hill
Richard Gragg
Felicia Davis
Mintesinot Jiru
Jason Cervenec
Sue Ebanks...many of my entries here are from the participants in the round-table and should not be assumed to be my own ideas.


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Is there a way to build grad programs that allow for cultivating an interest in graduate school for targeting attraction?
Feeder programs?


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Q3: Diverse classrooms...academic ability, ethnic diversity, diverse in maturity.


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Paper coming out on programs that are earth related for a range of institutional types (MSI, HBCU, etc.) to attract R1, R2 institutions to partner with these other institutions.


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Paper coming out from Carleton group on programs that are earth related for a range of institutional types (MSI, HBCU, etc.) to attract R1, R2 institutions to partner with these other institutions.


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how do we address the disconnect between STEM areas and "things that matter?"...need to make it relevant to where there are.


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is there even an area that geoscience does not address? What is the relationship between your challenges and the environment?


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Embed the issues in the classroom, even at the 2YC and at their entry point in to a 4yr.


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early intervention is useful and essential


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Gateway to relevance: What products are dependent upon natural materials?...What is the type of work that students need to have to be able to impact the problem?


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Partners: NGOs, government, industry


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What are we doing to build these pathways?
To stem high attrition rates in STEM, keep the bar high but find the buttons that need to be pushed to motivate them. Relevance of the material to their everyday life? Continue to be invested in the student's future.


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No "watered down" geoscience courses, even at institutions without geoscience majors. Students will only continue onto the next levels in fields they respect.


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Identify HBCU faculty to attend Rendezvous 2018...and more minority students.


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feeder and bridge programs is important but it will be important to have a platform to facilitate the relationship to bridge the students into the programs.
-National Assoc of Black Engineers


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HBCU geoscience pipeline models - Fort Valley State University

Jackson State University (only HBCU with meteorology program - B.S.)


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Bring in speakers from industry that could let students know about the job opportunities that they have not considered.


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Rendezvous 2018...Could we have industry panel.


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LSAMP programs as a way for meeting students.


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This post was edited by Sue Ebanks on Jul, 2017
I enjoyed the discussion today and found that there were a couple of items that I felt compelled to add after the fact:
1.-The comment about having students at Rendezvous is happing in a great big way ( we had about 30 participants)...but with fairly minimal representation from ethnic minorities and no African Americans/Blacks. These participants seem to be mostly supported by their home institutions but there were likely some exceptions AND I must add that these were graduate students that are preparing for an academic career. Our discussion here seemed to be for pathways TO graduate work in GEO so I wonder if EER is the best venue or would a Pathways session at LSAMP symposia (, ABRCMS (, SACNAS (, or other would be more likely places for attracting and training undergrads to see graduate school in GEO as a viable option

2-Not sure whether this resource is already on the "radar" so I also suggest


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