Reward Structures: Geo Ed and PT

Friday 1:30pm-2:45pm Student Union: Acoma A and B
Round Table Discussion


karen mcneal, Auburn University Main Campus
In this round table discussion, participants will share ideas pertaining to the tenure and promotion and reward structures for Geoscience Education Research (GER) Faculty. The conversation will include what to look for in potential institutions hiring in GER, what institutions should consider when developing a GER program, as well as navigating tenure and promotion in existing positions. The round table discussion would benefit from the participation of graduate students, post-docs, and teaching and research track faculty (that are both seeking tenure and those that have earned tenure) as well as administrators from a variety of institutional types.

Reward Structures: Geo Ed and PT -- Discussion  

What to look for in potential institutions hiring in GER
-Openness in learning about DBER (at all levels)/are they flexible in understanding that there may be both challenges and advantages in this position?
-How will they support this position (eg have they considered mentorship, etc)?
-What do they think DBER is (teaching, research, service position)?
-Will you be doing all the teaching others do not want to do?
-Does the dept seem functional? Are there crumngeneons in the faculty ranks? Do they seem to have power/critical mass in the Dept?
-Have there been successes/departures of junior faculty previously?
-Are there other DBER faculty at the institution? (Ask many questions of their experiences). Is there a community?
-Have they thought about expectations of DBER?
-Have they done their HW about DBER/Science ed (e.g., publishing routes, etc)?
-Do they seem to be aware of the DBER field (research areas, people, institutions)?
-Are they excited to have this position? Or is this a hire that is being pushed upon them? Is it someone’s “pet” project?

What institutions should consider when developing a GER program?
-Expectations of GER faculty member-establish clear guidelines and expectations for the GER faculty at the time of hire, and revisit these obligations regularly as the GER faculty member’s career progresses.
-T&P-Is the department being consistent with their expectations of both GER and traditional faculty, while also valuing the unique differences between the two? Does the department value the range of sub-fields and research approaches within GER?

Navigating tenure and promotion in existing positions
-find mentors and support systems/find an advocate (with local pull)
-get feedback from senior faculty as often as possible
-understand institutional expectations/have discussion of expectations with head/dean/senior faculty that are detailed (and in writing)
-make your research visible – research talks, press releases, internal press, etc
-don’t undersell yourself
-try to find ways to contribute to dept/colleagues, etc. – send out tips, articles, broader impacts, etc
-know your dept/college/institutional regs/bylaws/and procedures – you may be able to get an internal ---
-review that includes membership outside of the dept/college voting faculty
-network in geoed/DBER community – external letter writers!


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good recap Karen and an enjoyable session.


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