Montana Geoheritage Sites

About This Project

Following the Global Geoparks Network model, the purpose of this project is to introduce the natural and cultural heritage of selected sites in Montana for the enjoyment and education of learners of all ages. We take an Earth System Science approach, emphasizing the connections between the numerous components of the Earth system: bedrock geology, surficial processes, landscapes, geologic time, weather/climate, ecosystems and biota, human interactions with Earth, and impacts on society and culture. We selected the Augusta-Chateau area as our inaugural Montana Geoheritage site because of the diversity of geologic features present in this landscape, the rich cultural heritage of the people who live here, and the stunning beauty of the Rocky Mountain Front.

This project is being done as a service learning project by students Mariah Cannon, Sarah Devaney, and Willie Freimuth, in the Department of Earth Sciences, Montana State University. This is a pilot project that demonstrates how web resources can be used to encourage exploration and discovery of the geoheritage of the Augusta-Choteau area. In coming school years we plan to extend our coverage to other geoheritage sites across Montana. We also hope that this project will serve as a model to develop geoheritage sites in other areas across the United States.

Geoheritage of the Augusta-Choteau Area

Explore the dramatic Rocky Mountain Front near Augusta and Choteau, Montana. In this web module you will find:

Visit the Choteau Chamber of Commerce and the Augusta Area Chamber of Commerce for more information about tourist amenities.

Resources to Explore Montana

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