Christopher Berg

Geology, Department of Geological Sciences

Orange Coast College

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Christopher Berg: GEOL 1121 (Physical Geology) at the University of West Georgia part of Integrate:Teaching for Sustainability:How the Community is Using InTeGrate Materials:Instructor Stories
My course is a 16-week introductory geology lecture course that is taught in a traditional setting. I replaced half of my traditional lecture content with InteGrate modules and units. I found that by incorporating the student materials into a course packet, integrating readings and assignments into my online CMS, and using in-class polling techniques, I could successfully adapt most of the activities to my large-lecture classroom setting. Students gained an appreciation for the natural resources our society depends upon that they previously took for granted, and the challenges related to preparing for and mitigating natural hazard threats and their wide-reaching impacts.

Activities (2)

Evaluating Risks, Benefits, and Hazards: A Site-Selection Simulation Activity part of Teach the Earth:Teaching Activities
An in-class jigsaw activity, in which students play the role of investigators consulting on behalf of an industrial client seeking an appropriate location to site a new facility to handle environmentally-damaging ...

Plate Tectonics: GPS Data, Boundary Zones, and Earthquake Hazards part of Project EDDIE:Teaching Materials:Modules
Students work with high precision GPS data to explore how motion near a plate boundary is distributed over a larger region than the boundary line on the map. This allows them to investigate how earthquake hazard ...

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Small-Group Active-Learning Modules and their Impacts on Student Attitudes and Achievement in a Large Introductory Geology Course part of Rendezvous 2015:Program:Abstracts
It is critically important to find effective ways to promote scientific literacy within introductory geoscience classrooms, as a working knowledge of geologic principles provides the background necessary to ...

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Teaching Quantitative Reasoning with Real Data - The EDDIE Way! part of Earth Educators Rendezvous:Rendezvous 2023:Program:Morning Workshops:Teaching Quantitative Reasoning with Real Data - The EDDIE Way!
Please join us as we introduce you to the Project EDDIE resource collection – the results of an NSF-funded effort to create flexible classroom modules that aim to expose students to real-world data and practice ...


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Earth Educators' Rendezvous 2021
July 2021
EER 2020 Teaching about Water Resources and Melting Ice Using GETSI
July 2020
EER 2020 Inquiry Based Labs
July 2020