Teaching Geo-Competencies

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:30am-11:30am Gordon: Symphony Meeting Room

Session Chair

Laurel Goodell, Princeton University
Instructors can hit unanticipated roadblocks to covering content when students have deficiencies in "geo-competencies" such as quantitative skills, data analysis and geographic awareness. This workshop will focus on defining these roadblocks and exploring ways to deal with them effectively at the course level so that students are equipped with the tools needed to succeed both academically and professionally.


This workshop is for any instructor looking to explore, define and address geocompetencies in their own teaching; share resources and solutions with other instructors; and to understand the broader context in which geocompetencies are being addressed at departmental, programmatic and career-preparation levels. This includes coordinating with the Tuesday 2:45-4:00 panel discussion on "What Are the Core Competencies and Skills for Earth Science Students?" that will focus on some of these broader issues.


In this workshop, participants will

  • Define and evaluate geo-competencies and geo-competency roadblocks at the activity and course level
  • Understand your own geo-competencies
  • Examine case studies in which geo-competencies are addressed in both introductory and upper level courses.
  • Understand how geocompetencies are being addressed in the broader contexts of department program design and career preparation.
  • Contribute to a list of effective resources and strategies compiled by attendees.
  • Start the process of redesigning one or more teaching activities/course to work around, and even burst-through, geo-competency roadblocks.


The workshop will include short presentations, individual and small group work, and larger group discussions. As a culminating activity, we will work on our own activities and/or courses, and formulate future action plan(s).

Program Plan

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