Teaching Online

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:30am-11:30am Ritchie Hall: 366


Adrianne Leinbach, Wake Technical Community College
Bridget James, San Francisco State University
This workshop is geared toward those already teaching online but will also benefit those just starting with online instruction. Workshop leaders have a combined total of 30 years of teaching online. Collaborations will include sharing best practices in setting up online courses, improving student interaction, and converting active learning techniques used in traditional classroom settings. Examples of different technologies that improve the online learning experience will also be shared. Participants will also be asked to share an activity that they currently use in their online lecture or laboratory course (or one you want to bring over from your traditional course). Time will be allotted each day to share these activities along with discussion and reflection. All participants should leave with new ideas or activities to be incorporated in their classes.


Online courses have been growing in popularity over the past decade. Increasing enrollments at colleges and universities across the country have contributed to helping online courses become a more viable option for students who need greater flexibility to graduate on time, need a better school-life balance, along with many other factors. Faculty who teach online need to create a learning environment that is as effective, successful and equivalent as an in-person classroom setting. This workshop will provide you with the necessary tools to transform your online classroom into a more effective and successful teaching and learning environment.

What are the best ways to structure an online geoscience course? How can we help students feel less isolated and more engaged with their peers and instructor in an online environment? What steps can be taken online to increase science identity and reduce stereotypes? What techniques can be used to empower online students in their confidence and preparation of learning new science material? What active learning techniques can be employed in an online environment? The answers to these questions and much more will be covered in this three-day workshop.

Target Audience

The target audience for this workshop is any instructor who is currently teaching or is interested in teaching an online geoscience course.


As a result of participation in this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Structure an online geoscience course that follows best practices.
  • Create an online environment where students feel less isolated and more connected with their peers and instructor.
  • Create an online environment that promotes science identity and removes stereotypes.
  • Apply metacognition practices to assignments and lectures, and empower students to take good notes.
  • Create assignments that promote active learning in an online environment.


Each day will include an introduction to the topic(s) for the day, followed by a series of short talks and collaborations throughout the morning to accomplish the goals mentioned above. As well as time for participants to share assignments they use in their online classes.

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