Engaging Students in Scientific Research in your Course

Thursday, Friday 8:30am-11:30am REC Center Medium Ice Overlook Room


Kim Hannula, Fort Lewis College
Jeffrey Ryan, University of South Florida
Laura Guertin, Penn State Brandywine
The national PCAST report makes a strong call for using research in our courses. Integrating research into the courses we teach offers students training and practice with what we do as scientists and helps to bridge the gap between our teaching and our research. In this session, we will share examples of successful undergraduate research projects in courses, and workshop strategies involving different components of research into courses at all levels. Participants will leave with a concrete plan for integrating research in one of their own courses.


This workshop will focus on developing a plan for integrating research practices into your courses. Topics will include

  • Defining course-based undergraduate research
  • Integrating research practices into the classroom
  • Making use of local field areas, equipment, and expertise
  • Scaling projects for students
  • Scaffolding assignments to build research skills
  • Effective approaches to mentoring undergraduate researchers in a course format
  • Identifying funding sources

Workshop activities will include presentations, large and small group discussions, and planning/writing sessions.


Participants will leave the workshop with a plan for integrating undergraduate research into one of their courses (including defining the objectives for the project, identifying resources needed, developing an assessment plan, and thinking about the next steps for integration).


This workshop is for faculty just starting out in bringing undergraduate research practices to their courses at all levels. We also welcome experienced faculty and campus undergraduate research program directors looking for new perspectives and approaches for course-based undergraduate research. Graduate students and postdoctoral scientists are invited to join us to learn how they might design their first course with a research experience for students.

The detailed program can be found at program page.

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