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Description of the Evaluation of Workshop Participation and Implications of Consent

As a participant in an InTeGrate workshop, you are being asked to take part in a educational research project conducted by the InTeGrate Evaluation Team with IRB approval received from Carleton College. We received funding from the National Science Foundation for this project (DUE - 1125331).

The community-based project design of InTeGrate depends critically on successful collaboration among partners who are dispersed by geography, discipline, and institution type. The workshop evaluation will assess the effectiveness of the workshops, related communications, web resources and other materials in fostering an inclusive community-approach. The evaluation will also examine to what extent the workshops and related communications and resources are extending the goals of the InTeGrate project.

If you agree to take part in this study, we will analyze the information you submit in the application and registration forms, as well as the materials you submit as part of the workshop and its follow-on activities (e.g. scenarios and solutions, evaluation forms, follow-up surveys). You may also be asked to participate in a telephone interview. We will conduct the interviews via telephone two to six months after the workshop. If you do not wish to be audio recorded, do not participate in this part of the study.

These data will be incorporated into our research results in aggregate. Presentation of the material will be confined to project work groups, professional publications, and conferences. When individual quotes are used to illustrate important points, your name will not be identified. There are no foreseeable risks resulting from your participation. Your participation in this workshop is voluntary and you may leave at any time.

If you have questions about this evaluation, please contact Dr. Kim Kastens, email:

The chair of the Institutional Review Board, Kim Smith, can be reached at Carleton College, Northfield, MN 55057. Phone: (507) 222-4123, email: