InTeGrate and the Next Generation Science Standards

Imagine a classroom with small groups of students gathered around datasets, analyzing and interpreting them, then reporting back to their peers about their findings and working together to develop solutions to complex problems. This kind of classroom is expected and embedded throughout the InTeGrate materials.

The student-centered, data-rich, and problem-solving focused classroom described above is also the classroom envisioned in the Next Generation Science Standards.

InTeGrate materials are well-suited for use in many settings where the NGSS are important, including college-level courses that include or are designed for future teachers; high school science courses, particularly integrated science and Earth science courses, and professional development courses and workshops for current K-12 STEM teachers.

Navigating our materials with the NGSS in mind

Next Generation Science Standards Logo. A purple, orange, and green triangle to the left of the words, Next Generation Science Standards. Look for this image at the top of activity pages, and click on it to see specific cross-cutting concepts, science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and performance expectations that are addressed in that particular unit or activity.

In addition, you can
  • Explore the overall alignment of InTeGrate materials and how they support three-dimensional teaching and learning
  • Learn more about the approach we took in aligning our materials
  • See strategies for addressing performance expectations using InTeGrate materials, including ways to adapt materials for your own classroom
  • Search and browse all of the InTeGrate curricular materials by science and engineering practices, cross-cutting concepts, disciplinary core ideas, and performance expectations

Additional resources

To find out more about the NGSS and to explore the standards themselves, take a look at these resources:

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