New Author Orientation Webinar

April 25, 2013
9am Pacific | 10am Mountain | 11am Central | 12pm Eastern



  1. Introduction to the overall InTeGrate project and how your curriculum development fits in.
  2. Introduction to the authoring process, the support structure (web team liaison, assessment consultant, email list, workspace), and how to work together as a team.


Introductions of team leaders and SERC staff (Cathy, Anne, David M., David G., David S., Ellen, Kristin, Molly, Monica, Krista H.)

Brief overview of the project (20-25 minutes)

Overview of the documentation and authoring process with example module (20-25 minutes)

  • Information for Material Developers (where you can find more info about...)
    • Information for new authors: Module and course characteristics
      • Expectations, teamwork, and documentation (Anne)
      • Timeline, authoring, and support for teams (David S)

Action Items and Questions (SERC) (10 minutes)

  • May meeting info
    • Travel and logistics
    • Let us know your travel plans by April 30
  • Take the BARSTL survey- by May 8. You will have to log into your SERC account to access this page. If you don't have a SERC account, you can create an account with the e-mail address that's been provided to InTeGrate and you should gain access automatically. Contact Monica with any questions (mbruckne AT
  • Review the information for new authors page, and bring questions to the May meeting
  • Review the May meeting agenda

New Author Orientation Webinar -- Discussion  

If you have additional questions about the content from today's webinar, please feel free to comment here!


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