Initial Publication Date: June 9, 2015

Continuing Authors Agenda- June 2015

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Teams: Coastal Processes | Gateway to Renewable Energy and Sustainability | Soils and Society | Mapping with Sensory Perception | Cli- Fi | Water Sustainability in Cities | Carbon, Climate, and Energy Sources | Environmental Justice and Freshwater Resources (adaptation for Spanish courses)

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Meeting Goals

  • Understand the extent to which intended learning occurred based on assessment results and team experience
  • Develop a plan for revising the module
  • Understand what it means to complete and publish a module and the process for acceptance
  • Develop a completion plan, timeline, communication plan, and checklist of what needs to be done

June 14, Sunday

Arrive in Northfield in the afternoon

*All workshop activities will take place at the Carleton College Weitz Center for Creativity , Larson Room 236 and adjacent areas

5:00 PM Welcome/social time with appetizers and cash-only bar

5:30 PM 30 minute presentation - Inspiring relationship to InTeGrate quality and publication goals with tour of Climate of Change module - Stuart and Anne

  • Developing student materials
  • Developing sufficient faculty materials
  • Writing instructor stories
  • Website publishing
  • Relationship to timeline
  • Suggestions for things to pay attention to as you move through Checkpoint 6
    Checkpoint 6 suggestions (Acrobat (PDF) 175kB Jun12 15)

6:00 PM Dinner

7:30 PM What it means to finish; Climate of Change as an example - Sean and Monica

  • Your modules have been modified to include all the final fields. Changes include front page, overview page, assessment page, instructor stories. Work toward Climate of Change structure as you revise. Final layout of front page and instructor stories will occur after checkpoint 6 to simplify editing mechanics. Your team lead will finalize the text on the front page. example
  • You will need to identify any instructor-only materials, make sure they are in files and let Monica know the file ID numbers. example
  • Provide some suggestions for front-page images to Monica.
  • At checkpoint 6 everything should be complete. Your hand-off will kick off 3 parallel review process:
    • Technical review: links, formatting, provenance and reuse reality check. You'll receive a document with items that need attention.
    • Science review: You'll receive a summary of the reviews with any suggestions for revision.
    • Copyediting: Copyeditor will make correction directly. See the style guide.
  • Once you've acted on these reviews and everyone is happy with the results you'll be at checkpoint 7 and materials will go live.
  • Questions

June 15, Monday

Courtesy breakfast - Country Inn of Northfield

8.30 AM Overview of the day and checklist for the workshop

8:45 AM Plenary: Assessment and Evaluation Feedback (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 1.4MB Jun15 15)- Stuart and Ellen

  • Description of rubric used
  • What developers can expect

9:15 AM Break

9:30 AM Assessment Consultants meet with teams

  • Provide assessment results for individual modules - summary of conclusions drawn from assessment data, summary of GLE responses
  • Discuss mapping of assessment data onto learning goals
  • Figure out how we can best demonstrate that learning described in the module goal is taking place

10:30 AM Work time in teams - Team Leaders - Groups work on mapping out revision plan and module revisions

  • Team overviews of what worked, what did not ; Discuss results of pilot testing in different environments
  • Assess what is needed to finish the module according to guidelines
  • Begin draft plan for finishing module, including student materials (in team pages in the CMS)

12:00 PM Lunch Weitz Center Common Area (1st Floor)

1:00 PM Work time in teams

  • Continue work on revision plan, begin revisions as appropriate
    • Record Instructor Story Videos (in teams, times TBD)

4:30 PM Plenary report out: What questions do you have about completing your plan? What potential roadblocks do you see? - Anne and Tim

5:00 PM Roadcheck

6:00 PM Dinner on the town (see restaurant selection handout in folder)

June 16, Tuesday

*Check out of hotel if leaving and bring your luggage to the Weitz Center —shuttles to the airport will leave from Weitz Center (see shuttle schedule in folder)

Courtesy breakfast - Country Inn of Northfield

8:30 AM Plenary: Evaluation results overview (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) PRIVATE FILE 4.2MB Jun16 15) - Vali Mara

9:00 AM Discuss plan for incorporating evaluation results into revisions (with virtual participation by team leaders)

  • Revise draft module completion plan (in team reporting pages, as needed)
  • Continue revisions

11:30 AM Report out: How is it going? What have you learned that others should know?

12:00 PM Box lunches with teams

1:00 PM Time to work in teams on faculty materials and instructor stories - Team Leaders

  • Complete"Checkpoint 5: Revisions Planned" as a group; revise plan in the CMS, as necessary.
    • Revision plans reviewed and approved by team leader and assessment team member
  • Edit faculty materials in CMS as needed
  • Begin work on instructor stories
  • Complete instructor story videotaping
  • Begin revisions as appropriate (after approval of plan by assessment team and team lead)

4:00 PM End of Meeting Plenary

  • Dissemination - Fall meetings: What would you like to share, develop plan
    • Cli-Fi - 2016 meetings in order to include final pilot data
    • Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment ASLE: Laura Wright
    • QuBES - faculty mentoring network; adapting published modules for intro bio courses this fall (Jennifer Hanselman) - anything ready by mid-November will be part of the conference (NABT)
    • Coastal Processes presentation at Association of American Geographers March 2016
    • Pamela Gore at southeastern GSA section meeting, NAGT session on environment and climate (Carbon, Climate, and Energy module)
    • Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (Lisa Phillips) - October in Utah
    • Wait on additional assessment and testing data
    • Kathy Baldwin - paper to JCST about systems thinking in teacher preparation
    • Jenn Sliko - STEM-UP-PA, local dissemination

5:00 PM End of Meeting Evaluation