Information for Materials Developers

Just Getting Started?

Please read the Information for New Authors page in it's entirety. This orientation page outlines how new authors get started working with their team to create their materials. It explains the steps new authors need to take and provides an overview for how the process of materials development works.

  • Structuring Your Module or Course describes the basic structure of modules and courses and outlines how your materials will be presented as a set of web pages. Information about formatting and copyright can be found as sub-pages in the navigation menu from this page.
  • Working as an InTeGrate Team provides tips for teams working together virtually, how to make the best use of your webspace and reporting page, information on using your team's email list, and tips on how to meet synchronously.
  • Working with the InTeGrate Design Rubric this page describes how the rubric was created, outlines the main sub-areas and elements of the rubric, and discusses rubric scoring.
  • Your Module/Course Development Timeline outlines the three-phase material development schedule. Includes an estimate of the amount of time needed for the assessment consultant to complete their work for each step and specific responsibilities that each group within the team (i.e. materials development team, team leader, etc.) must complete.
  • Working with your Assessment Consultant provides an outline for how you will work with the assessment team, a description of the requirements for assessment data and information about obtaining IRB approval at your institution.
  • Collecting Data in Your Classroom details the mechanics of setting up the data collection system for your course and collecting assessment data in the classroom. Information about using your course information page can be found as a sub-page in the navigation menu from this page.
  • Forms and Documents (limited access page) contains example IRB's, the InTeGrate Curriculum Development and Refinement Rubric, Geoscience Literacy Exam (GLE), reflection surveys, the Module/Course Description and Timeline Form, and the Course Setup Form (you must be logged in to your SERC account to view this page).
  • Developing Effective InTeGrate Teaching Materials includes best practices and resources on developing assessments, learning goals, metacognition and more. These pages expand upon 'Professional Development Webinars'.
  • Materials in Progress contains all materials being developed by teams and includes information about email lists and list archives.
  • Frequently Asked Questions provides answers and links to more information on some of the most frequently asked questions regarding materials development and testing.
If you have questions, please email your team leader or webteam liaison who can help you find an answer.

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