Frequently Asked Questions

Module Authoring

How does my module authoring team know if it passed review?

Module or Course Testing and GLE Question Testing

What are the student attitudinal survey and the 8 question multiple choice GLE and where do I find them?

What if my course doesn't cover the materials in the 8 question content GLE questions?

When do I administer the pre-instruction attitudinal survey and 8 multiple choice GLE questions?

Why is the race demographics checkbox already filled in on the student attitudinal survey, and can we fix that?

How/where do I send you my completed student materials?

Can you provide me with a list of students who have completed the surveys?

Features of the Course Status Page

Learn more about the features of your course status page.

How do I edit the student ID prompt at the top of my student attitudinal survey?

How do I change dates for when I plan to implement materials or other dates?

How do I track the status of online survey completion?

How do I update my roster?

Can I give [extra] credit for students who complete the survey (and considerations for those who opt out or who are under 18)?

General Topics

Who do I ask when I have a question about...
  • data collection corrections?
  • revisions to pages?
  • timing for assessments?
  • contracts and payment?

When do I receive my payment(s)?