Science Review Feedback Form

Thank you for agreeing to conduct a review of InTeGrate curricular materials. The curriculum is expected to help develop a citizenry and workforce that can address environmental and resource issues facing our society. As such, these materials must be scientifically accurate. We are enlisting your assistance in meeting these goals by asking you to review the scientific accuracy of the attached InTeGrate curricular materials.

We ask that you Indicate if any of the following deficiencies are present in the curriculum (provide detailed comments for authors). In your comments for the authors, clearly explain any shortcomings or suggestions. Also, if specific content is flawed, indicate how and where such issues could be rectified. You may either paste your comments directly in this form or use the upload tool at the bottom of this email to upload them in one document. Note that if you choose to provide feedback in the form, you will need to submit it all at once; you cannot save the input and come back to it later.

We ask for your name and email address in case we need to follow up with you, but will keep your comments anonymous when reporting them if you check the box below to indicate you wish to remain anonymous.

Please write your notes for each prompt in the boxes below OR upload them as a single document using the upload tool below.

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