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Materials Testing with Data Collection

Thank you for deciding to be involved in testing InTeGrate curriculum. You are helping blaze the trail to a new, collaborative process of developing teaching materials and assessing student learning that will lead to a set of rich, relevant, flexible and pedagogically refined materials.

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Module or Course Testing with Data Collection

The first step is for each participant to fill out a registration form which will:

  1. Notify SERC to give you permissions to module material and the survey instruments.
  2. Capture demographic information we need and give us a record of your participation in the project. Please indicate you are a materials tester in the last question on the form.
After registering, there are a number of steps you will take that are detailed on the Collecting Data in Your Classroom page. Please note that for all of the assessment data collected, InTeGrate considers an 80% matched response rate a complete set of data. Please visit the Data Check links for detailed information.

Data Check A: Before your course begins:

Data Check B: At the begining of your course (first week of class)

Data Check C: While you are teaching InTeGrate curriculum

Data Check D: At the end of your course

Geoscience Literacy Exam (GLE) Question Testing

For those that are testing GLE questions but not a full InTeGrate module or course, an abbreviated list of data collection steps are listed below. After you are registered (see above), we can give you access to view the full set of Geoscience Literacy Exam questions so that you can select which questions you would like to administer. In addition to the questions you select, all testers will administer a common set of 8 GLE questions and two essay questions, which will allow us to make comparisons across a broad spectrum of institutions and disciplines. The GLE multiple choice questions will be administered as both a pre- and post-test, while the essay questions will only be administered at the end of the term.

Before your course begins:

  1. Fill out the registration form, indicating that you are testing GLE questions in the last question
  2. Set up a SERC account if you don't have one already
  3. Once you receive access, indicate the GLE questions of interest to test in your classroom. InTeGrate will compile your selected GLE questions (plus the common set of 8 questions) into a pdf file, which will be sent to you prior to the start of your course.
  4. Before your semester begins, obtain IRB approval (if required at your institution, see link for more details)
  5. Decide on a Student ID
  6. Complete the first portions of the Course Setup Form- everything through the GLE Multiple Choice (1 and 2) section. This will give us information about your course, timing for the data collection, generate an online attitudinal survey for your individual course, and give you a place to upload data (see Using the Course Status Page for details).

At the beginning of your course (first week of class):

At the end of your course (last week of class):


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact your webteam liaison, Kristin O'Connell (koconnell at carleton dot edu)

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