Making Science News Work for You: Incorporating Eos into Your Classroom

Monday 12-2:30pm PT / 1-3:30pm MT / 2-4:30pm CT / 3-5:30pm ET Online
Afternoon Mini Workshop


Heather Goss, American Geophysical Union
Kyle Fredrick, Pennsylvania Western University - California
Eric Riggs, Humboldt State University

In this workshop, educators will engage with an approach to science literacy and critical science news consumption that they can fully integrate into their teaching. Leveraging the time-tested activity development tool of Teach the Earth with the geoscience current events reported in Eos: Science News by AGU, we'll present a step-by-step method for integrating science news into your lessons and curriculum. This workshop will address general objectives, models for using news articles, and an array of assessments that instructors can employ in their courses or throughout their curriculum, appropriate to their educational setting. This workshop is open to high school and undergraduate educators. Non-major, 2YC, and those with Spanish-speaking or ESL classes are encouraged to attend.


By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Use sample Eos articles and Teach the Earth activities to create a usable, portable application for their courses.
  • Explore what Eos offers and examine a new resource created for educators to integrate science news into instructional modules.
  • Analyze the benefits and challenges of incorporating current events and science news into their teaching.
  • Evaluate their own teaching and existing activities from the Teach the Earth activity collection, particularly within the context of peer review tools and community standards for teaching goals and functional elements of classroom innovations.


0:00 Welcome and introductions. Brief discussion of workshop goals.

0:15 Breakout #1 - Walk-through of Teach the Earth activity development tool. Small-group discussions about teaching goals and assessments, using guidance from the Teach the Earth activity submission procedure and review process.

0:45 Larger group reconvenes for debrief and discussion about integrating relevant and appropriate activities to meet and assess teaching goals.

1:00 Break

1:10 Break out #2 - Participants rejoin breakout groups to discuss examples of science news from Eos and how they would create a classroom activity that might be sharable to Teach the Earth.

1:40 Larger group reconvenes. Share and discuss activity ideas.

2:10 Wrap-up and workshop evaluation

2:30 Adjourn


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