Integrating Affective Domain Mini Lessons into Introductory Geology Classes

Monday 12-2:30pm PT / 1-3:30pm MT / 2-4:30pm CT / 3-5:30pm ET Online
Afternoon Mini Workshop


Julie Sexton, University of Colorado at Boulder
Molly Jameson, University of Northern Colorado
Jennifer Wenner, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Dina London, University of Northern Colorado
Curtis HopeHill, University of Northern Colorado

In this workshop, we will introduce participants to 6 affective domain lessons that were developed to be used in introductory geoscience courses. The lessons use a flipped teaching approach and have an online component completed before class and an in-class/lab component (this component can also be taught online, if needed). The lessons use best practices and research-based approaches to teaching and uniquely focus on affective domain concepts related to the intersection of math and geoscience (e.g., math anxiety, stereotype threat, interest). The lessons are novel because, unlike most resources on the affective domain that are geared toward the instructor, these focus on increasing students' awareness of the affective domain and increasing their agency to successfully incorporate affective knowledge and skills into their educational practices to improve their learning.


By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Describe how affective domain is important for student learning
  • Identify how and when to integrate affective domain lessons into their own class
  • Identify affective domain areas students in their class may struggle with


1. Welcome:  We will welcome participants and introduce workshop leaders.

2. Workshop and Project Overview: We will provide an overview of the workshop and describe our affective domain lesson project.

3. Affective domain introduction and participant reflection activity: We will provide a brief introduction to the affective domain and its role in student learning. Participants will engage in a short active learning activity.

4. Overview of affective domain lessons: We will describe the affective domain lesson topics and formats.

5. Individual and small group activity: Participants will explore the affective domain lessons on their own. In groups they will identify how the lessons into geoscience classes, discuss the feasibility of implementing the lessons in their own classes, and discuss how the lessons could be modified for to enable easy implementation across institutions and courses.

6. Large group share and discuss: Small groups will share their discussion with the larger group and we will have a large group discussion.

7. Wrap up and Evaluation: We will wrap up and have participants complete a workshop evaluation.

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