Initial Publication Date: February 5, 2021

Participant Information

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Thank you for participating in the 2021 Earth Educators' Rendezvous. Our shared expectations are:

  • we will participate fully in the entire morning workshop for which we registered
  • we will participate fully in any mini-workshop we attend
  • we will be respectful during contributed program presentations, limiting background noise by muting our microphones
  • we will respect the privacy of all presenters by not sharing, downloading, recording, or otherwise keeping a digital or print copy of any material that is not available on the public website
  • we will be courteous and respectful of others
  • we will aim to allow all to have an opportunity to participate in discussions

For more information on participant expectations see the participating in online events page and code of conduct.

Before the Rendezvous

As you prepare for the Rendezvous, take a moment to look over this information:

  • Since the Rendezvous is online, you will need a computer with a good internet connection to participate. Programming will utilize Zoom web meetings and the Serckit web spaces and tools and participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with both before the Rendezvous.
  • Registration
    • The daily registration fee covers all events for that day.*
    • Morning workshops have limited space so you must select yours as part of your registration. Register early to ensure a spot!
    • *If you participate in a multi-day morning workshop, you must register for the full 2 or 3 days in order to participate.
    • Afternoon events (mini workshops and roundtable discussions) are open to everyone who has registered for the day on which those events are scheduled.
    • Anyone registered for at least one day of the Rendezvous is invited to attend the plenaries and the contributed program (virtual poster and oral sessions, share-a-thon, and teaching demonstrations)
  • View the program
  • If you are participating in the contributed program, please read through the Presenter Guidelines.
  • If you wish to contribute an abstract, you must submit an abstract in addition to registering for the Rendezvous.
  • Please review these Participant Expectations.

During the Rendezvous

Virtual Events

Rendezvous 2021 will be conducted fully online. Participants are expected to participate in the full two- or three-day morning workshops and may choose to attend the afternoon programming of interest to them. Mini-workshops and roundtable discussions are open to participants who are registered for the particular day those events are scheduled on; plenaries and the contributed program are open to all Rendezvous participants, regardless of what day(s) they are registered for.

Expectations and Code of Conduct at the Rendezvous

Participants are expected to follow the NAGT Code of Conduct (see below). In addition, participants are expected to not share links to Zoom rooms or private materials with anyone who is not registered for a particular event or for the Rendezvous. Please respect the privacy of all presenters by not sharing, downloading, recording, or otherwise keeping a digital or print copy of any material that is not available on the public website. Please review the Participant Expectations if you have not already done so.

Code of Conduct: NAGT meetings and events foster the exchange of ideas, through open and respectful dialogues at oral and poster sessions, workshops, field trips, short courses, mentorships and other NAGT-supported programs. NAGT promotes, provides, expects and endorses a professional and respectful atmosphere and values a diversity of views and opinions. NAGT's Events Code of Conduct Policy (Acrobat (PDF) 58kB Dec5 18) is important to promoting diversity and creating an inclusive, supportive, and collaborative environment for all people.

Connecting to Rendezvous Events

You will need a reliable internet connection to participate in the virtual Rendezvous.

Programming will utilize Zoom web meetings. If you have not used Zoom before, please test your internet connection using this link prior to the week of Rendezvous: We highly recommend updating Zoom to the latest version. This will help to ensure that you can fully participate in conference events by using the full functionality of Zoom.

Zoom connection information will be provided via two methods:

  1. through daily emails, and
  2. posted on each event summary page.

You can easily navigate to the event summary page from the Rendezvous Program. In order to see the connection info on the event web pages, you will need to be logged in to your SERC account with the email address used when registering for the Rendezvous.

Need Assistance?

General Assistance
Need help with something? Click on the chat button on the bottom right corner of any 2021 Rendezvous web page to chat with a Rendezvous staff person.

During a Session
A Rendezvous staff person will be present in each Rendezvous Zoom meeting and can be contacted via chat in Zoom. You can also get help via the general assistance chat button (described below).

Evening Events

Some workshops may host optional evening sessions. We also encourage participants to self-organize evening social events to help build community and networking opportunities.

Connect Via Social Media

Message Board
Do you want to follow up with folks following discussions started in your workshop or poster session? Start a new thread or contribute to an existing discussion on the Rendezvous message board.

If you know of something that you think other participants should know about, just send a tweet to @nagtgeo and include the hashtag #EarthER21. We'll be gathering all those tweets together on a page so that we can all benefit in near-real time.

The Rendezvous will also be sharing images and posts of interesting things happening via the NAGT Facebook page. Be sure to "Like" us so you'll get these updates as well!

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