Initial Publication Date: February 5, 2021

Contributed Program: Oral, Poster, Teaching Demonstration, and Share-a-Thon Sessions

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The Contributed Program offers a venue to share your work and to discuss current research and teaching practices in the Earth Science education community. Abstracts will be compiled into sessions of similar themes and topics for sessions that encourage discussion among authors and participants.

  • Please review the Presenter Guidelines in this page before submitting your abstract for an oral or poster session, or as a proposal for a Teaching Demo or Share-a-Thon.
  • Space in sessions is limited, but we will do our best to give everyone their preferred presentation format. Session assignments will be in the final program, to be announced in April 2021. Presentations will not be able to be moved among sessions so please wait to schedule plans accordingly.
  • Please see abstracts for Oral, Poster, Teaching Demos and Share-a-Thons in previous EER programs for examples.
  • All presenters must be registered for at least one day of the Rendezvous. Please refer to the Rendezvous program to view the Contributed Program schedule. Note: you can be registered for ANY day of the Rendezvous to participate in the contributed program, you are not limited to only events taking place on the same day as your presentation.

Presentation Formats At a Glance

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Presentation FormatWhat does this look like?
OralA 15-minute presentation, including 3 minutes for questions.
PosterPresenters upload a poster file to be viewed before and throughout the Rendezvous, with dedicated Poster Panel Discussion sessions.
Teaching DemoA 15-minute teaching demonstration or presentation, including 3 minutes for questions.
Share-a-ThonPresenters share a lightning talk about their activity followed by small group discussions.

Presenter Guidelines

Oral and Poster Submissions:

The 2021 EER Program Committee is accepting abstracts under two broad headings: Research and Teaching.

  • Research presentations will include the analysis of data that supports research on a variety of geoscience education areas that may include teaching and learning in the classroom, teaching and learning process, assessment of programs or other research areas in teaching and learning in geosciences. Research presentations may be oral or poster format.
  • Teaching presentations may also have some data to support them, but presentations will focus more on innovations in teaching, implementation and/or anecdotal data collection. Teaching presentations may be oral or poster format.

Research and teaching presentations will be sorted into the following themes for teachers/faculty or researchers:

Oral sessions will be held on Zoom in sessions on similar topics and hosted by session chairs. Speakers will have 15 minutes for their talk, including three minutes for questions.

Poster Panel Discussions will be held on Zoom and hosted by session chairs. Sessions will include 4-6 posters on similar topics and will start with presentation of introductory lightning talks for each poster (1-2 min each), followed by panel discussions among authors and EER participants to address common themes. Zoom meetings will allow authors to move into Breakout Rooms for more specific discussions with EER participants. Asynchronous discussion will also be available before and during the EER.

Oral and Poster 
Presentation Guidelines

The Oral and Poster session abstract submission deadline has passed.

Teaching Demonstration Proposals:

Teaching Demonstrations guide participants through successful course activities that could result in "take-homes" for attendees to use in their own teaching. Presentations should be active, e.g., something that audience members participate in, or a video or presentation showing students performing the activity to provide participants with the "student experience" of the showcased activity. Speakers will have 15 minutes in a classroom-style presentation.

Teaching Demonstration proposals include four descriptive elements: A description of the activity & outcomes; How the activity is used and the target audience; Why the activity is effective/innovative or worthwhile; What will be demonstrated at the Rendezvous.

As with the oral and poster presentations, we encourage attendees to organize related presentations as a theme set (similar topic, same project or research group). We have suggested several theme sets below, but encourage participants to communicate with colleagues to submit activities that fit a theme of their choice.

Teaching Demo
Presentation Guidelines

The Teaching Demo submission deadline has passed.

Share-a-Thon Proposals:

Share-a-Thon sessions are an opportunity for authors to quickly share activities or educational apps with other Rendezvous attendees. The goal is for presenters to share their favorite activities or lessons with colleagues who will get an overview of activities and have time to ask questions in a more conversational format than other sessions. Share-a-Thon contributions will be compiled into one or more sessions on Monday and will include time for a 1-2-minute lightning presentation, followed by small-group discussion with Rendezvous participants.

Share-A-Thon proposals include four descriptive elements: A description of the activity & outcomes; How the activity is used and the target audience; Why the activity is effective/innovative or worthwhile; What will be demonstrated at the Rendezvous.

Presentation Guidelines

The Share-a-thon proposal deadline has passed.