OOI Data Labs - Online Laboratory Manual for Introductory Oceanography Courses

Thursday 1:15-3:45pm PT / 2:15-4:45pm MT / 3:15-5:45pm CT / 4:15-6:45pm ET Online
Afternoon Mini Workshop


Christine Bean, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Janice McDonnell, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Sage Lichtenwalner, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Denise Bristol, Hillsborough Community College
Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert, Stockton University

Are you looking for ways to incorporate large data sets into your classes that are student and teacher friendly? Whether you are teaching remotely or face-to-face, the OOI Data Labs Project has a NEW Online Lab Manual for use in typical Introductory Oceanography courses. Explore this new resource along with the learning goals and instructional support available for these activities. Leave the workshop with a plan for how to incorporate this into your classes and how to stay connected to the growing Data Labs Community of Practice.


By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the scope and sequence of the OOI Data Labs Online Lab Manual and how the activities can fit into a typical introductory oceanography course.
  • Explore 1-2 lab manual chapters in detail, including the interactive data tools, the instructor guide, and the built-in student assessments.
  • Create an action plan for how you can incorporate specific activities into your upcoming courses.
  • Reflect and brainstorm with faculty colleagues on the topics of engaging students with real data and how to adapt Lab Manual activities for a variety of students and teaching modes.
  • Connect with the OOI Data Labs Community, and understand the different resources for teaching with real data that are available on the project web site.


This workshop will have three main segments (with short stretch breaks).  We encourage you to review the OOI Data Labs Online Lab Manual prior to the workshop.

Setting the Stage (~30 minutes):

Share your experiences teaching with large datasets, and learn about the pedagogical approach that underpins all of the OOI Data Labs Project resources.

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Teaching with data - sharing our experiences
  • A brief overview of the OOI and the OOI Data Labs Project
  • Stretch break

Exploring the Online Lab Manual (~90 minutes):

After an overview of the Lab Manual development and components, move into smaller groups to explore select lab manual chapters in detail.  The editorial team, along with a few of the authors and pilot testers, will facilitate breakout rooms to provide a brief overview, share their students' experiences and answer questions as participants explore the lab activities.

  • Overview of the Online Lab Manual - genesis, philosophy, alignment
  • Structure and Components of the Lab Manual Chapters
  • Breakout Rooms - choose which labs you want to explore, with lab authors and pilot testers as your guides
  • Stretch Break

Reflecting and Creating a Plan (~30 minutes):

With the support of the Data Lab team, create a plan for how you can incorporate all or part of the Lab Manual into your classes, including any adaptations for your students or teaching mode.  Learn about upcoming opportunities to be involved with the Data Lab project.

  • Complete an implementation plan template, working alone or in conjunction with others in a breakout room
  • Share plans and/or takeaways with the group
  • Apply to join the Fall 2021 implementation cohort (application form will be posted during workshop)
  • Complete workshop evaluation


OOI Data Labs - Online Lab Manual:  https://datalab.marine.rutgers.edu/ooi-lab-exercises/