Research about education of K-12 teachers, current and future

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Research about K-12 teachers, current and future -- Discussion  

fieldwork--K-12 teachers need to have experience with fieldwork
What affect does content knowledge and the quality of content knowledge have on K-12 teachers teaching effectiveness?
How can we improve the quality of K-12 education to better align with what we know about how people learn?
How does the type of teacher preparation model impact a teacher's ability to deliver high quality earth science instruction?
How does teaching preservice teachers earth science by integrating the 3 dimensions of the NGSS impact their self-efficacy and motivation to teach earth science?
To what extent to practicing teachers and teacher prep programs talk to each other?
How can PLCs contribute to improving earth science teaching?
How does the availability of technology like iPads impact teachers' ability to use use data and engage in quantitative reasoning?
How much of the education and outreach portion of NSF grants go to projects engaging K-12 educators (along with impact)?
How can we raise the stature of earth science so more students take earth science in high school?
How will embedding earth science into biology, chemistry, and physics change teacher practice?
How do teachers' assessment practices change as a result of using the Framework for K-12 Education?
How will chemistry, physics, and biology teachers integrate earth science content into their courses? How does that impact credentialing?
What types of materials are most useful for general science teachers in rural schools to help them effectively teach earth science?


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Our main point: What are the best practices for teacher preparation and professional development to enable all science teachers to effectively teach the earth and space science as described in the Framework for K-12 education?


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Post-session addition
Which training model works better in pre-service teacher training: content then education or education then content?


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