Initial Publication Date: July 7, 2017

When GER researchers have figured out something with practical significance for your field, how would you like to learn about it?

Discussion Notes:

  • ways to translate GER into venues that faculty will read... e.g. website with research findings translated into language that faculty will understand,,, and get this into the hands of dept chairs
  • email to dept chair with the best latest research articles
  • direct marketing model: actively identify likely recipients and get relevant info into those hands
  • link the vetted activities on the SERC site back to the research articles.
  • having a way to synthesize and translate findings and best practices
  • education keynote speaker at GSA
  • to make it easy to put research into practice... how to, actionable stuff for department chairs
  • speaker thinks the ideas above will not work... think of Uber in transportation or solar in energy domain... these are disruptive technologies that have changed the world. what has been the disruptive technology in science education?
  • k-12 teachers table.... state boards of education, state science ed officers... communicating to decision makers as a targeted audience.
  • webinars
  • blogs
  • workshop style materials that will help the speaker teach others--with the evidence that the practice is worthwhile and worth changing their practice
  • more articles in EOS or GSA Today. Put our research in places that people view or read.
  • more effective use of social media. Tweet our big findings like Science and Nature do.
  • Town Hall at GSA coming as the