Quantitative reasoning and use of models

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Quantitative reasoning and use of models -- Discussion  

Looking for ways for teach quantitative reasoning better. What are hang ups (emotional or other)? How to address "math phobia"?

When reforming/revising curriculum, how ca quantitative reasoning and models be built in across the curriculum?

How build (research) connections between math ed and geoscience ed? Interested in hearing the problems people have.

Can we provide students opportunities to build math skills/quantitative reasoning combined with systems thinking, which seems to provide resilience in terms of career and salaries for graduates?

Themes from introductions/interests (CM)
1) Best practices for teaching quantitative reasoning and models
2) Addressing math phobia
3) Scaffolding modeling skills
4) Curriculum development

Definitions: Quantitative literacy (all students) vs quantitative reasoning (geoscience majors/graduates - skill for discipline/job market) vs numeracy

Numerical intuition versus correctly solving the equations: of course, ideal is to have both together but being skillful at one doesn't guarantee skill at the other

Quantitative literacy seems to be relatively well fleshed out in terms of research. Problem is at the dissemination level.

Quantitative reasoning is much less well researched.
- Math Ed could be really helpful here. They've done a really job at defining the components of quantitative reasoning. This literature emphasizes (for mathematicians) using context and concepts to develop and practice quantitative reasoning. Geosciences has a great toolkit for doing this.

What should geoscience graduates have?
- Develop and run a model?
- Have an intuitive understanding of math concepts like exponential functions?
--> How can these be reconciled?

Some physics education research seems to be indicating that reflection and explanation of mathematical concepts can be helpful for developing quantitative reasoning

** Can (numerical) models be used to solidify and strengthen quantitative reasoning? If so, how?

What should be the key learning outcomes for quantitative literacy, skills, and reasoning within individual courses and across the curriculum?


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