Student understanding of the solid Earth

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Student understanding of the solid Earth -- Discussion  

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Misconceptions that the Earth is completely solid?
Why are minerals considered boring? How to integrate mineral resources into student concepts?
The misconception that math is not involved in geosciences
Geologic structures as an introductory concept
Temporal variation, 3D variation, quantifying isostacy
Student understanding of processes, how to build to the language that supports concepts
Supporting student concepts by updating mineralogy & petrology instruction to match contemporary methods of practice
How to get students to think in 3 or more dimensions, scale
Students concepts of Earth changes, they have permission to accept that the Earth changes, and permission to be wrong
Density as a function of composition and physical state
The lack of understanding that physics and chemistry relate to the Earth and Earth materials
Integration of contemporary research topics within solid Earth instruction
Engaging math-philic students without scaring off math-phobic students
Earth's surface as a 3D feature.
How to create a vicareous experiences with phenomena for students out of their personal context?
How is the solid Earth related to other bodies in the Solar System, putting the Earth in context
Gap analysis of misconceptions in the solid Earth from the body of research
What is the relative role of visualizations in creating or reinforcing misconceptions? Gap analysis?

Report-out Statement:
Quantitative, computational, spatial, and temporal description of concepts in the solid Earth, including a gap analysis of misconceptions research.


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Where to see findings?

SERC - Cutting Edge
Social Media, webinars
Small group, traveling workshops
Go out and solicit information-sharing directly
Regional points of contact
Connect innovations and discoveries with likely recipients - direct marketing model


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