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Site Guide: Volcanoes

This site guide provides access to resources for teaching about physical, geochemical, and biological topics related to Volcanology such as visualizations, data sets, case-studies, and teaching activities.

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Mt. St. Helens erupting in 1980
Mt. St. Helens erupting in 1980

Click the images above to browse teaching activities and course descriptions related to volcanoes. Collections are contributed by faculty and may include service learning projects, writing assignments, field trips, course descriptions and syllabi.

General Collections & Resources

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Volcano-related Teaching Resources from On the Cutting Edge - This browsable list of resources contains nearly 200 activities, course descriptions, and tools and datasets that may be useful in the undergraduate and advanced high school classroom. The browse can be narrowed further by geoscience subdiscipline and/or by resource type.

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Montana-Yellowstone Geologic Field Guide Database - The Montana-Yellowstone Geologic Field Guide Database is a pilot project for making the field guide literaturemore accessible and useful to geoscience educators, students, and researchers. While the database is not an exhaustive listing of every published field guide, nor does it provide direct links to the full text of each reference (except for a few unpublished field guides which are reproduced as pdf files), the database is a fully-searchable listing of 50 of the best references for exploring the geology of this fascinating region.

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Using online volcano monitoring data in college and university courses: The Volcano Exploration Project Puʻu ʻŌʻō - Curriculum for a variety of course types, from intro to graduate level, that utilize VEPP resources. Activities include topics of geologic hazards, volcano monitoring, using data, volcano evolution, and prediction.

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Exploring the Yellowstone Geoecosystem - The Yellowstone collection contains an assortment of digital resources relevant to the many components of the Yellowstone Geoecosystem: geology, geophysics, physiography, hydrology, biota (from microbes to grizzly bears), and human activities and their consequences in this amazing natural laboratory. This collection contains an abundance of maps, images, virtual field trips, datasets, technical papers and general information.

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Resources for Teaching Petrology - This collection of pages hosts a variety of educational and supporting materials for teaching igneous and metamorphic petrology. These collections reflect the contributions of faculty members from across the country, and will continue to grow as new materials and tools are developed. You will find links to activities and assignments, internet and computer resources, analytical instruments and tools, presentations from the summer 2003 workshop on Teaching Petrology, a email list, and lots of creative ideas for teaching petrology.

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On the Cutting Edge: Teaching about Hazards in Geoscience - Major hazardous events and natural disasters provide powerful opportunities to engage students with class content and demonstrate how the geosciences impact everyday lives. This module provides resources, including visualizations, articles, teaching activities, and advice for effectively teaching about hazards. Resources for particular events, including Hurricane Sandy 2012, the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the 2010 Deep Horizon oil spill, and 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and several others, recent and historic are also available.


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2010 Iceland Volcano Visualization Collection - This collection presents links to visualizations of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption. Visualizations include satellite imagery, animations and photo galleries of the eruption.

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Volcano Visualization Collection - This collection presents links to visualizations of volcanoes and volcanic processes. Visualizations include general depictions of igneous processes as well as work done on real volcanos on Earth and around the solar system.


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The Earth Exploration Toolbook - The Earth Exploration Toolbook has a number of data-rich activities designed for high school classrooms including Analyzing Plate Motion Using EarthScope GPS Data and Evidence for Plate Tectonics. The site browse will give you a complete list of volcano related activities.

Interdisciplinary Resources

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Resources for Teaching Geochemistry - This project provides an on-line tutorial of the analytical techniques commonly used to characterize geological materials. The goal is to help novices (such as students or scientists working out of their field) to gain an understanding of mineralogical, petrological and geochemical analytical techniques.

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Yellowstone Thermal Viruses Microbial Observatory - This is one of several microbial observatory (MO) features that are part of SERC's Microbial Life Educational Resources project. These MO pages highlight scientific research being done at a variety of environments. The Microbial Life project also features collections of information on heat-loving organisms called thermophiles as well as an MO about molecular diversity in the Red Layer at Yellowstone National Park.

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