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Finding Teaching Activities Across SERC Sites

Looking for classroom, laboratory, or field activities?

You can either:

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Search the peer reviewed collection.

This covers all teaching activities in all SERC-hosted projects that have passed peer review. You can limit the topic using the Subject box on the right as well as do a free text search across the collection.

or broaden your scope and Search the entire collection.


Look for specialized activities collections within the individual websites across SERC.

  1. Find a SERC site that addresses your topic.
    The site guides on the left can help: especially the guides to introductory courses, upper level courses and popular topics.
  2. Visit the topical site and look for a teaching activity collection listed in the navigation menu on the left. On some sites the activity collections are listed as 'examples.'
  3. That page will allow you to search through a smaller collection of activities focused on that site's topics.

ActivitySheets: A Common Format for Presenting Teaching Activities

Activity sheet example
Activity sheet example. Click to view this activity sheet.

Most activities on SERC-hosted sites are presented in a standard one-page format. This format was expressly designed to encompass the key information that will enable fellow educators successfully implement or build on an activity.

The general format for activity sheets includes:
  • a descriptive title and author's information
  • a summary of the activity
  • a set of learning goals
  • context for use (e.g. intended audience, skills needed, etc.)
  • teaching materials (including handouts needed to complete activities)
  • teaching notes and tips
  • a short description of the activity assessment, and
  • a set of references.

Contribute an Activity

If you have an activity you would like to contribute, please visit the Pedagogy in Action contribute a resource page. You may also use these links if your activity is an Introductory level geoscience resource for the Starting Point project or an upper division geoscience resource for the Cutting Edge project