Evidence for Plate Tectonics

David Smith, Geographic Data in Education Initiative, dasmith@northwestern.edu
Missy Holzer, Chatham High School, mholzer@monmouth.com
Franklin Kao, Geographic Data in Education Initiative, f-kao@northwestern.edu

Published: May 2006. Last Updated: May 2011.


Note: This chapter was retired in October 2018. The visualization tool (My World GIS) is no longer supported.

Through the use of the data visualization tool, My World GISTM, you will construct a world map containing evidence to support the theory of plate tectonics. After creating a base map and selecting three different lines of evidence from a built-in data library, you will make selections from the evidence in order to identify relationships among the data. By searching for patterns within fossil, volcano, and earthquake data, you will make an evaluation for the support of the theory of plate tectonics.

This chapter is part of the Earth Exploration Toolbook. Each chapter provides teachers and/or students with direct practice for using scientific tools to analyze Earth science data. Students should begin on the Case Study page.

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