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Site Guide: Geologic Time

Several resources about teaching geologic time are available from the SERC websites. Below is a list of project websites that provide visualizations, teaching activities, and tools that may be of use in the classroom or in lab.

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the Grand Canyon
the Grand Canyon

Click the images above to browse teaching activities and course descriptions related to geologic time. Collections are contributed by faculty and may include service learning projects, writing assignments, field trips, course descriptions and syllabi.

General Collections & Resources

Go to /NAGTWorkshops/time/index.html
Teaching About Rates and Time - This site hosts a wealth of resources about teaching about (geologic) rates and time, including pages on using analogies to teach about time, assessing temporal learning, examples of learning goals, and teaching about geochronology.

Go to /NAGTWorkshops/earlyearth/teaching_refs.html
Early Earth Resources for Teaching - This site hosts a collection of links to SERC materials that involve teaching about the early Earth. It also contains links to information about how to address creationism in the classroom.

Go to /sp/library/earthhistory/index.html
Using an Earth History Approach - This collection of pages explains how and why an Earth history approach is useful in teaching geoscience. It also contains pages such as teaching the geologic timescale and land, life, and climate change to show how geologic time is important in many aspects of the geosciences.

Go to /research_on_learning/synthesis/time.html
Research on Learning - Geological Time - This site provides general information and an extensive bibliography of references about research on learning about a subject most students have difficulty comprehending due to its vastness - geologic time.


Go to /NAGTWorkshops/time/visualizations/geotime.html
Geologic Time Visualizations - This set of ~10 visualizations includes animations, images, interactive graphics and videos used to teach the concept of geologic time in an introductory geology course. Visualizations cover the specific topics of Earth history, relative age dating and life through geologic time.

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