Linking to Digital Resources

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One of the benefits for a workspace is its utility in linking to digital resources within and outside your workspace. Your digital resources may be a collection of online resources that are relevant to the collaborative project that you are currently working on. Rather than each individual creating their own list of digital resources, the workspace common area can is a shared space with written context for each resource. These links can appear as a typical hyperlink or they can be embedded as a clickable image/figure that you uploaded to represent the information someone will find on the following page.

If the workspace is a development space that informs a companion public website, you can link from the workspace to the relevant parts of the public site so you can quickly navigate from workspace discussion and quickly navigate to the material itself. Your workspace can be structured in a number of ways to fit your needs, therefore you can devise a plan how to link among pages in your workspace, perhaps splitting existing content across multiple pages, to make work go more smoothly. For instance, you may find it useful to periodically move old material to a separate page so that it is still available for reference but isn't in the way of day-to-day work.

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Simple links to items within your own web pages or any other website - SERC

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Jump down Links - links that may sit at the top of a page (See the top of this page) that can quickly navigate someone to a topic further down the page without having to scroll through a long web page.