Record Regular Meeting Notes

If the group meets regularly, a workspace can be space to set agendas, share digital files, and keep track of meeting notes and action items. For example, a project's leadership group may regularly meet and a meeting workspace allows information to be curated to track current happenings, plan for the future, and review past work. For a given meeting, a meeting agenda can be posted to a workspace so everyone can view and contribute. Additional logistical information can be provided, such as virtual connection information, future meeting dates/times, and any other important related information. The workspace page can serve as a central location for everyone can track their current progress and see everyone else's assignments and progress. The record of meeting topics can be useful in returning to topics that were were tabled for a future meeting, evidence required for reporting to funding agencies, or provide context for new group members as they come up to speed on topics. The workspace can be organized with a single pages or multiple pages to meet the group's specific needs and ultimately provide a central location accessible by everyone in the group. Lastly, the workspace security settings provide a place for new group members to review the internal history of the project, which is only accessible by those with explicit access.


Using the example meeting outline below, information can be recorded and posted before the meeting (e.g. meeting time, purpose, and agenda). During the meeting, someone can actively record the material that was covered including the ideas, technical items, and action items. All the collective information will then be available for reference for all participants with access to the workspace.

Date: August 30th, 2018

Personnel Present: Bob, Karen, Madison, Jamie, Ken, Alexi, Analise

Personnel Absent: Mickey, Brian, Marion


(5 mins) Meeting Purpose - Budget Planning for the next year

(record meeting notes here)

(10 mins) Report Recent Highlights

(record meeting notes here)

(15 mins) Topic 1 - Review of everyone's remaining funds

(record meeting notes here)

(25 mins) Topic 2 - Budget Plan for upcoming year goals

(record meeting notes here)

(5 mins) Open Questions and Plan Action items -

(record meeting notes here)

Action Items:

1) Need an example of a meeting workspace - even if it is 'real fake' one. Could be screen cast video of someone looking at an agenda. The small snippets might be the better way to go, rather than someone reading through every bit of an agenda.