File Storage and Exchange

When working with collaborators, the storage and exchange of files can become cumbersome and lack clear organization. For example, you may find yourself repeatedly sifting and searching through a string of email attachments to find the right file and version. A workspace can fulfill all of these needs by allowing you and collaborators to upload files and then organize them to best suit your needs.

Files can easily be uploaded using the user friendly editing tools and accepts any type of file. The workspace editing tools allow the user to easily drag and drop files and later provide context alongside embedded files. Some files can then be directly embedded and displayed on a page such as images (.gif, .png, .jpg). Other files can be embedded and presented as a link that a user can click and begin a download. All files can then be organized in by sections on a single page, which can be marked with heading text or grouped with in a hide/show element that effectively works as a file folder to keep your files organized with a simplified appearance. Additionally, new pages can be created to host files that belong to different topics creating a multiple page organization. Lastly, files that are uploaded within a private workspace are automatically marked as private and are only available to be viewed and downloaded by those with editing access to the private workspace. More on how to Upload and Organize Files


Embedded files for download - Workspace Use Guide (Acrobat (PDF) 85kB Aug7 18)

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