Workspaces for Project Planning

In addition to being used as a collaborative tool for participant to develop materials and capture discussions, Workspaces can be used for a variety of project management and planning tasks. Below are some examples that demonstrate how workspaces were used in the past, and illustrate their utility in addressing multiple needs. A workspace's basic structure also allows collaborators to utilize it in new ways that fit their specific need and situation. We are happy to discuss with you how a workspace can help you and your project. More on Working with Us Contact Us

General Project Planning »

Private planning workspaces can be used to draft your project plan and timeline, store important files, readings, and other docs, divvy up responsibilities and tasks, and to record progress along the way.

Housing Private Information for Participants »

If your project involves laying out project timelines, resources, forms, and other information for groups, a private workspace can be used to provide that information to your select participants.

Workshop/Webinar Planning »

Private leadership planning workspaces are a great tool to collaboratively brainstorm workshop/webinar topics, potential speakers/leaders, record logistical information and advertising activities. These private spaces allow you and your collaborators record notes from planning calls and meetings as well as to work asynchronously to outline steps, assign preparation tasks, and record progress as you plan your event.

Project Reporting »

If you're working with multiple people/groups or over a long period of time with multiple phases, it may be useful to have a private workspace to record participants' activities and progress. These reports can also be used as a starting place to develop reports required by funding agencies.

Presentation and Publication Recording and Drafting »

Private workspaces can be used to house files as 'useful readings' and drafts of project reports, publications, and presentations. You can also use them to record where your group has presented and published.

Evaluation Planning and Recording »

Workspaces can be used to develop evaluations and data collection plans as well as for recording/storing evaluation and other data.