Example Workspace

A workspace is a wiki area where participants collaboratively create and modify web pages and their content directly. Based on the same tools as our regular website editing tools, workspaces utilize the editing interface more directly. This means that changes made and saved in a workspace are immediately viewable to all users with access to the workspace. The information within a private workspace can only be edited by those with explicit access, which creates a controlled environment to share ideas and materials.

Workspaces have very little structure by default, which allows users to structure and organize content to best fit their needs. Our partners mostly use workspaces to fulfill their Project Management and Collaborative Work needs such as the examples below. A workspace's basic structure also allows collaborators to utilize workspaces in new ways that fit their specific needs and situations. When you use our workspaces, you also gain access to our support staff that can help you plan, manage, and help with technical issues. Our expert staff are happy to discuss with you how a workspace can address your needs and goals.

To learn more about workspaces and their utility, please explore the pages below about common uses, examples, and further details.

More on Working with Us

Project Management and Planning

  • Workshop and Webinar Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Project Reporting
  • Presentation and Publication Recording and Drafting
  • Evaluation Planning and Recording

Collaborative Works

  • File Storage and Exchange
  • Embedded Files Alongside Ideas
  • Facilitating Team or Small Group work
  • Record Regular Meeting Notes
  • Linking to Digital Resources

More on Using Workspaces

Workspace Testimonials: See what our Collaborators and Partners think about Workspaces

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