Collaborative Work

Workspaces allow collaborators to create a structure that specifically fits their needs, preferences, and situation. A working group may be in need of a place to exchange files, discuss ideas, record information, or share other resources quickly all within a central location. These are all common needs that a workspace can fulfill. The following topics are some past workspace uses for collaborative work. These uses are likely used in conjunction with other needs for Project Management. Whatever your needs may be, our staff is happy to discuss how a workspace can help you reach your goals. More on Working with Us Contact Us

File Storage and Exchange »

Instead of sifting and searching through a string of email attachments, your group can upload and efficiently organize files within a workspace.

Embedded Files Alongside Ideas »

Uploaded files can spatially coincide alongside ideas and explanations on a workspace to facilitate the exchange of information and materials more effectively.

Facilitating Team and Small Group Work »

Whether your group members are working remotely or physically in the same space during a meeting, you can record ideas in a workspace during brainstorming events, discussion sessions, or notes during a workshop breakout group.

Record Regular Meeting Notes »

A workspace can also serve as a notepad to record notes from regularly occurring meetings so that everyone has access and sees the same information discussed and which action items remain.

Linking to Digital Resources »

Because a workspace uses a web interface, your work can seamlessly be related with links to your other resources within or outside of your workspace.

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