Workspace Use Guide

Workspace Use Guide
Goal/Task/Need/ScenarioTopicHow a workspace helpsLearn More PageExample Page URLTemplate example
A place to store files that are orgnaizedFile StorageAccepts files of all types and sizes. The uploaded version is perserved unless the file is purposely updated.File Storage and Exchange
A place to share files with my collaboratorsFile SharingUploaded files can easily downloaded by collaborators after embedding on a pageFile Storage and Exchange
My group needs to take notes on our regular group meetings to set agendas, track goals, action items, and record for future reportingMeeting RecordingsA workspace can provide a common place to set the agenda, recording happenings of the meeting, and preserve this information for future project planning and reportingRecord Regular Meeting Notes
Project PlanningGeneral Project Planning
Project ReportingProject Reporting
Sometimes when I share files with colleagues through email or shared folders, it becomes a hassle to find the correct email string and context for each shared file. It would be helpful to have a place to upload materials and share information with its associated context.Embedded files alongside ideasA workspace allows the participants to easily upload files and then embed them within a workspace alongside some context information. This organization provides a structure that anyone in the group can follow and easily access the files you may be referring to. Other can also upload and embed relevent files that may fit the topic of discussion.Embedded Files Alongside Ideas
We are planning a workshop and intend to have breakout groups that work on different topics and then share with the overall group. We would like a space for participants to record their discussions digitally so they can revisit them the next day and even after the end of the workshop.Small group facilitationA workspace can capture the discuss by a group in real time and can be update saved changes at any point. A workspace can also be pre-populated with some context to provide structure to a discussion group, encourage a common format among the groups, and provide some goals to keep particpants focused.Facilitating Team and Small Group WorkFacilitate Brainstorming and Discussion
Our working group is utilizing a number of web-based resources within the SERC website as well as some external sites. We would like to share these resources with each other in a central location.Linking to Digital ResourcesThe web-based platform allows the user to easily embed links to material within their own website or outside.Linking to Digital Resources
Need to plan a workshopWorkshop PlanningWorkshop Planning ProcessWorkshop Planning Process
Need to plan a webinarWebinar PlanningWorkshop Planning Process
My collaborators and I are planning the next steps for drafting a manuscript related to our work. We have exchanged information in the past via email, but it becomes cumbersome to sort through all the emails and attached documents.Manuscript drafting and planningA workspace is a secure space where you and your collaborators can exchange information that is only viewable by your group. The workspace is then available for people exchange ideas and plan the manuscript with the benefit of easily uploading citations, figures, etc.Presentation and Publication Recording and Drafting
Presentation planning and draftingPresentation and Publication Recording and Drafting
Evaluation planning and recordingEvaluation Planning and Recording
Housing Private information for particpantsA workspace can only be accessed by participants within the group. Therefore, a workspace provides a secure and controlled environment for participants to share information and materials to your select participants.Housing Private Information for Participants
General Project ManagementProject Management
General Collaborative WorkCollaborative Work

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