Example Workspace: Facilitate Brainstorming & Discussion

Needs and Opportunities: Bringing real world examples and experiences into the classroom

Group Leader: (include those that are leading the group discussion)

Group Members: (include those that are taking part in the group discussion)


Part 1: Spend 20 minutes discussing examples of activities and real-world examples your group members have used in class that integrate teaching about risk and resilience in the context of your topic. Briefly describe the activity and identify key attributes of these materials that are successful as well as challenges you faced in the integration.

(Reporting Area for the group and participants to record information)

List particular aspects of the activities that were successful in teaching about risk and resilience in the geosciences.
  • e.g. makes material more relevant to students, built quantitative skills from real situations...

(space for creating list)

List particular aspects of the activity that were a challenge, and if possible, follow them up with suggestions on how you might address those challenges if you were to use the activity again.

  • e.g. students had difficulties relating to the subject matter and how it affects them in their daily life

(space for creating list)


Part 2: Spend the rest of the session focusing on the way forward: what areas are ripe for integrating teaching about your topic in the context of risk and resilience in the geosciences and beyond? What would your group like to see move forward and what would you like to further develop tomorrow?

(space for discussion of ideas)

Reporting Area: List topics of modules or courses that would enhance integration of teaching about risk and resilience in the geosciences (and beyond), expanding on the particular content that can be addressed in each topic/module. This will provide the basis for forming working groups to develop module or course proposals.

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Digital Discussion Thread for this Workspace page  

Participants can digitally contribute ideas and resources through this discussion board. This works well for people submitting ideas working in different locations or if the discussion is taking place over a longer period of time rather than a finite meeting time.

Information posted in this thread could then be synthesized and included in the above workspace.


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