Initial Publication Date: June 15, 2018

Instruments and Analytical Methods Common to Nanoscience

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Each of these pages contains information about each instrument or technique including what it is, fundamental principles, how it works, applications, strengths and limitations, sample preparation, data collection, results, and preparation, and if available, literature and teaching activities/resources.

These resources were originally developed under the Integrating Research and Education project.

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X-ray Crystallography

Electron Microbeam

Elemental Analysis

Mass Spectrometers--Magnetic Sector

Micro-Imaging Instruments

Surface Spectroscopies

Other Spectroscopies

Supporting Information Sheets

  • Generation of Chracteristic X-rays-- under development
  • Bragg's Law--Darrell Henry, Louisiana State University; Nelson Eby, University of Massachusetts - Lowell; John Goodge, University of Minnesota - Duluth; and David Mogk, Montana State University
  • Electron Beam - Sample Interactions--Darrell Henry, Louisiana State University


Characterization of Nanoparticles

Some of the methods described in this section were originally developed in the Geochemical Instrumentation and Analysis module.