Microbial Life in Exremely Hot Environments: Advanced Collection

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Hydrogenobaculum filaments
Hydrogenobaculum filaments and unicells. Hydrogenobaculum usually is found in the form of filaments, but short motile rods may occur. This image has been selected from 'Microbes of Yellowstone' by David Patterson, Kathy Sheehan, Brett Leigh Dicks and Joan Henson, provided courtesy of the microscope website.
  • Light-Induced Motility of Thermophilic Synechococcus Isolates from Octopus Spring, Yellowstone National Park: This journal abstract reports that light-induced motility of different cyanobacterial lineages may be indicative that the trait is possibly widespread among the group...(more info)
  • Cataloguing and Mapping Extreme Microorganisms in Yellowstone National Park: Internet Based Microbial Database and Map Server (A Prototype) (http://gis.inel.gov/ynp/default.htm): This site is a prototype-stage project developed by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) which contains access to thermal feature maps and microbial data...(more info)

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