Microbial Life Teaching Activities

This collection of Microbial Life teaching activities is geared toward undergraduate courses in Earth Sciences and Microbiology. The activities are categorized by different teaching methods. For more information about these teaching methods, to access additional examples of these teaching methods from other disciplines, and to see the full collection of other teaching strategies, please visit the Starting Point Web Page.

Socratic Questioning

(More about socratic questioning)
What defines life? Check out these examples and have a guided discussion to debate just how far the definition of life can extend.

Teaching With Data

(More about teaching with data).
What's cutting edge technology in microbiology? Use this activity to introduce students to computer applications applicable to utilizing real biological data sets, such as genome sequencing.

Investigative Case-Based Learning

(More about investigative case-based learning).
How does classroom material relate to the real world? Check out these case studies to apply classroom material to real environmental issues.

Teaching With Games

(More about teaching with games).
Engage students in learning and review material before exams by using games.

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