Initial Publication Date: May 19, 2014

InTeGrate June/July Module Team Meetings

June 29-July 2, 2014, Carleton College

Team Leaders

Anne Egger, Central Washington University
David Gosselin, University of Lincoln, Nebraska
David McConnell, North Carolina State University
David Steer, University of Akron

Module Authors

Living on the Edge (David McConnell/Karen Viskupic)

Laurel Goodell, Princeton
Peter Selkin, University of Washington-Tacoma
Rachel Teasdale, California State University, Chico

Map your Hazards (David Gosselin/Emily Ward)

Brittany Brand (unable to attend)
Pamela McMullin-Messier, Central Washington University
Melissa Schlegel, College of Western Idaho

Sustainable Agriculture (David McConnell/Barbara Bekken)

Sarah Fortner, Whittenberg College (unable to attend)
Martha Murphy, Santa Rosa Junior College
Hannah Scherer, Virginia Tech

Teaching Geoscience Methods to Secondary Ed. Students (Anne Egger/Aida Awad)

James Ebert, SUNY Oneonta (unable to attend)
Scott Linneman, Western Washington University
Jeff Thomas, Central Connecticut State University

Assessment Team

Leilani Arthurs, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Aida Awad, Maine East High School
Barbara Bekken, Virginia Tech
Stuart Birnbaum, University of Texas at San Antonio
Susan Buhr, University of Colorado at Boulder
Joshua Caulkins, University of Rhode Island
Ellen Iverson, Carleton College
Mary Savina, Carleton College
Karen Viskupic, Boise State University
Emily Ward, Rocky Mountain College

Graduate Student Assistants

Michael Pelch, North Carolina State University
LeeAnna Chapman, North Carolina State University


Cathy Manduca, Lead PI
Sean Fox, Technical Director
Monica Bruckner, Webteam Consultant
Krista Herbstrith, Project Specialist/Administrative Assistant
Molly Kent, Webteam Consultant
Kristin O'Connell, Assessment Team Consultant
Cailin Orr, Assistant Director