Theme: Teacher Preparation, Professional Development and Policy Issues

The programming listed below seeks to address the topic of Teacher Preparation, Professional Development and Policy Issues.

Climate Curricular Connections Identified by Core Science Teachers
Monday 1:30pm E Building 202

Debbie French, Wake Forest University
Ana Houseal, University of Wyoming

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Teaching climate change is often relegated to Earth and environmental science courses, yet fewer than one in six high school students take these courses. Thus, it may be advantageous to teach climate concepts in ...
Professional Development Program Design and Potential for Higher Education Transformation at Three Types of Institutions of Higher Education
Monday 2:15pm E Building 202

Holly Fortener, University of Colorado at Boulder
Leilani Arthurs, University of Colorado at Boulder

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Teaching-focused professional development (PD) programs are experiences such as workshops designed to educate higher education instructors on topics related to teaching and learning. PD programs are common forms ...
Understanding Weather Extremes with Big Data: Inspiring Rural Youth in Data Science (WeatherX) ORAL SESSION
Monday 2:45pm E Building 202

Brian Fitzgerald, Mount Washington Observatory

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As scientific discovery becomes ever more data-driven, there is a critical need to build a scientific workforce with robust skills in scientific modeling and large-scale data analysis. Nowhere is the need to ...
Supporting Educators of Geosciences and Geophysics with EarthScope Consortium Resources POSTER SESSION
Monday 4:30pm-6:00pm Quad

Donna Charlevoix, EarthScope Consortium
Beth Pratt-Sitaula, Earthscope Consortium
Michael Hubenthal, EarthScope
Tammy Bravo, EarthScope Consortium
Danielle Sumy, EarthScope
Shelley E Olds, EarthScope Consortium
Scott Johnson, EarthScope Consortium
Anika Knight, Earthscope Consortium
Kelsey Russo-Nixon, EarthScope Consortium
Justin Sweet, EarthScope Consortium

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IRIS Consortium and UNAVCO Inc. merged to form EarthScope Consortium on January 1, 2023. EarthScope Consortium operates the SAGE (seismology) and GAGE (geodesy) facilities funded by the National Science ...
Creating Paleontology Detectives in your Classroom with 3D Models of Fossils TEACHING DEMONSTRATION
Friday 2:30pm-2:50pm E Building 202

Andy Connolly, University of Kansas Main Campus
Hannah Horinek, University of Kansas Main Campus

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By using 3D models of fossils, you can excite students to learn about our natural world without worrying about financial cost or space.In this activity, students will deduce the identity of a 3D model mystery ...
An Oceanographic Analysis Using Maps: Oxnard College’s Study of the Hueneme Submarine Canyon Configuration, in California State Waters and Federal Waters within the San Pedro Channel, Offshore California POSTER SESSION
Friday 3:00pm-4:00pm

Thomas O'Neil, Oxnard College
Joseph Saenz, Oxnard College
Frank Denison, Geology Consultant

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The Hueneme Submarine Canyon's configuration is structurally controlled by the Hueneme Fault Zone that was mapped from UNOCAL's seismic line collection in the 1980's. The Canyon depths were also ...
Oxnard College’s Earth Science, Oceanography, & Geology Program Integrated with Field Trips of Extinct Volcanic Centers, Hydrocarbon Seeps, and Shoreline Sand Migration in Central and Southern CA POSTER SESSION
Friday 3:00pm-4:00pm

Joseph Saenz, Oxnard College
Thomas O'Neil, Oxnard College
Frank Denison, Geology Consultant

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Our Oxnard College students are involved in learning about Oceanography, Geology, and Earth Science in the Ventura County area. Learning is combined with Canvas course software supporting textbook instruction, and ...
Supporting the adoption of climate change-related curricular resources among secondary teachers POSTER SESSION
Friday 3:00pm-4:00pm

Silvia Jessica Mostacedo Marasovic, The University of Texas at Arlington
Amanda Olsen, The University of Texas at Arlington
Cory Forbes, The University of Texas at Arlington

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The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) emphasize the importance of climate education and the epistemology of science among high school students. Teachers play an important role in supporting students' ...